Homemade Granola made Easy!

I love granola! It is a sweet treat that I can eat without feeling guilty about it, especially now that I make it in my own kitchen! This easy to make homemade granola is a staple in our kitchen now. We have it as a topper on our homemade yogurt, you can find that recipe here, as a snack by its self with dried fruit, or as cereal. So, why do I make Homemade granola instead of buying it? As […]

Easy Homemade Yogurt Without an Instant pot

I never thought it was possible to make easy homemade yogurt at home. My family LOVES yogurt, we use to go through multiple large tubs a week of it! With five of us wolfing down this yummy treat like we would never have it again in our lives, I needed to find a better, healthier, and cost effective option. Enter in, making your own yogurt. I had no idea that you could do such a thing! It fit in well […]

Creamy Breakfast Rice with Berries

If you are looking for a quick filling breakfast that your kids will love, this it! When I was growing up my parents use to make a version of this for us and I loved it! As I grew up and got out on my own, I forgot about it. It was only when I my own kids that I remembered it and how easy and delicious it is! This creamy breakfast rice with berries is so good! My kiddos […]