Quick Sour Cream Sauce

This quick sour cream sauce is so yummy, and goes well with so many dishes! The best part is, It takes very little time to whip up and uses just a few ingredients! I made this quick sour cream sauce to go with potato cakes I made one night for dinner, you can find that recipe here. This would be really good on a frittata, crispy French fries, homemade chips, even just some raw broccoli or carrots as a snack. […]

Easy & delicious potato side dish

This easy and delicious potato side dish is such a great addition to add to any meal! The best part is, you can use left over potato’s for it! I used the left over baked potato’s that I had, But you can do this with pretty much any type of left over potato. We had bought baking potato’s From Sam’s and they were HUGE! I’m talking like 3 pounds a piece! Needless to say, I made about three too many, […]

One pot dinner: sausage and orzo with peppers

This one pot dinner is sure to be a hit with the whole family! This dinner has quickly become one of our families favorite dinners. It is super delicious, and it is very easy to make. It also only takes one pot, so that is a major bonus, less dishes! Who doesn’t appreciate that! I threw this together one evening a couple summers ago after a very long day in the garden. I was beat after that day and the […]