Making your own infused oils may seem intimidating, but I promise you it is so simple and easy! You can use your own infused oils in so many different ways. They can be used for making your own body care products, medicinal cream, or even for their magical properties. The uses for infused oils are almost endless!

Why Make Infused Oils?

I first wanted to make my own infused oils because I was sick and tired of having to use all of the commercial products with all of the gunk and extra harmful ingredients in them. It seemed that even all of the “all natural” products had extra ingredients in them that I didn’t want to out on my body, or my kids body. Did you know that your skin is the largest organ on your body? And that it absorbs the majority of what you put on it?

Here is what a quick Google search pulled up for me, “A study published in the American Journal of Public Health looked into the skin’s absorption rates of chemicals found in drinking water. It showed that the skin absorbed an average of 64% of total contaminant dosage.”

64%!!!!!! That is INSANE! I want to keep myself and my family as far away as I can from as many contaminants as possible.

On to making the oils!

To start, make sure you have a high quality organic olive oil. You want to make sure its a really good oil because ya know, contaminants. You can also use jojoba, argon, or oat oil. any really good quality oil that stays in a liquid state will work.

Any who, you got the oil, then you want to choose what you want to infuse it with. Now this will depend on what you are wanting to do with your oil. Do you have eczema that you are trying to heal? Calendula would be good for that. Bug bite or sting? Plantain, the plant not the fruit, works wonders! Want a calming lotion to put on before bed? Lavender would be great!

The possibilities are endless!

I prefer to use dried ingredients. The reason for that is because the chances of it getting moldy while infusing the oil are less. The water in the plant/flowers increases the chances of mold growing.

So, you take your flowers, leaves, or roots and out them in a glass jar. Then you fill the jar up with your oil. Make sure the flowers and such are completely covered in the oil! If the ingredients aren’t covered by the oil, they will mold and then you will have to throw the whole thing out!

Let that sit for about 6 weeks or so in a dark room. not too cold, not too hot, Like Goldilocks! Check on it every couple of days to make sure everything is still submerged under the oil

After 6 weeks you can strain it, and Tada! It is all ready to use!

I like to use mine to make our own skin care products. Like face cream, body butter, and baby booty cream. I tell you how you can do that here, or if you prefer a video, you can watch that here.

What can you use to infuse?

The options of what you can infuse oils with are pretty much endless. It all depends on what benefits or purpose you have for the oil. you can do calendula for skin issues like eczema. Cloves for oral health, Chamomile and lavender to make a calming body butter

Just make sure you do research on the plant you are infusing with. They do have medicinal properties and you will want to handle with care!

See you soon!


You can check out the baby booty cream recipe here.

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