Get a goat they said. It will be fun!

I do not like this goat. He is so very cute, but looks can be extremely deceiving.

Waylon, the goat.

Our original purpose in getting goats was for milk for our family and for our oldest daughter. They were going to be her responsibility to take care of and manage.

We Purchased Maggie for said milking purposes. Side note, make sure you thoroughly check out where your live stock is coming from before you buy. It will save you heartbreak, time, and money. We did not do this and learned the hard way. Unfortunately, we believe she had some health issues from the first day we brought her home and she died just a short time later.

So, our originally plan was to be able to have Maggie as our milk goat. In order to get milk, she would have to have a baby. Enter Waylon.

He was such a sweet little buckling. You could love on him and he would lay on you lap and snuggle. Those days are over, we jokingly call him the murder goat. He seems to wake up everyday and choose violence.

Any who… back to the topic at hand. Waylon is now just biding his time until we can get a new girl friend for him. He will make such pretty babies. He is such a handsome goat with moon spot all over him. It all most makes up for his cranky attitude.

I never thought I would say that I dislike an animal so much. Especially one that seems to be a cute cuddly little fluff ball. But, I really don’t like this goat. He is a nuisance. Always getting out if his enclosure and eating from my garden. He even eats my decorative trees I have planted!

Waylon always looks so innocent. Like you can go over to him and give him some loving pets. It always works for a minute or two, then he changes his mind and goes to head butt you. Have you ever been headbutted by a goat with 6 inch long horns? It’s not fun… he means business. He is a Nigerian dwarf goat, thank goodness, I cant imagine if he was larger!! He terrorizes our farm when he gets out. My kids run screaming from him, and honestly, I do too, HA! We always run and find my husband to save us from the deranged goat.

He is the only animal on the farm that I am some what afraid of, and he knows it and uses my fear to his advantage.

Rant over about the deranged goat that terrorizes us.

Good bye for now,


Here is the video when we got Maggie if you want to check it out.

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